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    05 mei 2021
    Lelystad Open 50+ nieuwe datum
    Er is een nieuwe datum en een toernooiboekje voor ons eerste BVL Lelystad Open50+ bekend.Vanaf 26 september starten de voorronden en op zondag 3 oktober zal de finale...

BVL Lidmaatschap

We verwelkomen je graag als lid van onze vereniging.

BVL formulier

Middels dit formulier kunt je wijzigingen doorgeven.

BVL kalender

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Beginner Bowling Tips

Improve Your Bowling and Have Fun Doing It

Bowling This Month

Advanced Bowling Tips and Ball Reviews for Serious Bowlers
  • First things first: ignore the lane pattern sheet. It simply doesn’t matter once the lights come on. Let your ball be your guide! I should end the article here, but I guess we’ll keep going… It is important to remember that just because the oil pattern sheet says something, or just because the mechanic gave you […]

    Keeping It Simple: Getting Lined Up appeared first in Bowling This Month.

  • Now that we’ve examined the all-important swing, it’s time to take a look at timing. At its most basic, timing is the relationship between the ball position and the feet, which can either help or hinder a bowler’s biomechanical efficiency. In studying the modern game, we notice two fairly obvious differences compared to the classic […]

    Bowling 2.0: Timing appeared first in Bowling This Month.

  • Back in 2015, the PBA’s Xtra Frame asked various professional bowlers about their practice habits. While some made light of the question initially, we can see from the answers that most elite pros tend to increase their practice sessions in preparation for a tournament, but they also spoke to the need for downtime, since bowling is […]

    Making the Most of Your Practice appeared first in Bowling This Month.