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  • Once a tournament is finished, do you take the time to think about your performance? Not the result, but your performance? Taking the time to reflect on how you executed, your mental game, and your lane play choices can be very helpful. You can improve your bowling game by: evaluating what went well so you can repeat it, […]

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  • The Quantum Evo Pearl uses the pearlized version of the Evolution Reactive coverstock that is finished at 500/1000/1500 SiaAir with Crown Factory Compound, wrapped around the asymmetrical QCS-24 core. This new core has a higher RG and higher differentials compared to the Quantum Evo Solid, along with DynamiCore2 technology. The updates to the coverstock and core […]

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  • The Quantum Evo Solid is one of two new high-end Brunswick releases, along with the Quantum Evo Pearl. It features the QCS-12 asymmetrical core shape, which is a lower RG and lower differential design than the QCS-24 core in the Quantum Evo Pearl. In both balls, the core is surrounded with the new DynamiCore2 material, […]

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